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Built On Solid Principles

Safety is a top priority for us at DAMUS. As a STOW (Safe to Operate a Worksite) certified manufacturing company, we maintain the highest safety standards and have all necessary procedures in place to protect our team members, the public and the environment. By consistently meeting STOW’s rigorous tests you can be sure that safety of our team and those we serve remain our primary objective.

Roofing Materials Designed To Last

DAMUS’s roofing materials are sourced globally through an efficient supply chain which links us to raw materials which meet the highest international and local standards. In fact, we are proud to say that some of our materials exceed specifications set by the TTBS (Trinidad & Tobago Bureau of Standards).

We’ve invested in equipment which produces a wide range of metal roof profiles. These systems, with their interlocking design, protect against the intrusion of water and are tested and proven to withstand hurricane force wind uplift of up to 140mph. Additional quality checks, such as gauge of metal and paint finishes used in the manufacture of our products, are verified by DAMUS’s quality assurance team. They are on the factory floor ensuring your order meets our stringent production standards. It’s why we offer customers warranties on their roofing.
A note on coil canning:
Coil canning is an aesthetic issue common with the standing seam profile over which Damus Roofing has no control. It can, however, be minimized or eliminated with proper handling and installation. As such, coil canning is not grounds for metal rejection and claims.

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